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Need a New Fundraiser? Try a Wendy’s Community Night

Need a New Fundraiser? Try a Wendy’s Community Night

February 28, 2019

Let’s face it: candy bars are great, but selling them for fundraising has probably lost its thrill. Ditto for wrapping paper, cookie dough, coupon books, raffle tickets, and all the other items students and their parents find themselves pitching to their weary coworkers and neighbors. Events such as dinners and talent shows can add a little pizazz to fundraising season, but finding people to take time out of their busy schedule to volunteer can be a challenge.

Why not create a win-win fundraiser by hosting a Community Night at your local Wenco Wendy’s location?

When you host a fundraiser at Wendy’s, you don’t have to prepare food, go door to door, or plan activities. You just sit back and let Wendy’s do what it does best—make delicious food from quality ingredients—while your organization makes money!

How It Works

  • Request a Community Night using the form below.
  • Invite your organization, supporters, and community to the event.
  • On your Community Night, skip cooking and let Wendy’s make dinner. Enjoy bringing the community together to eat, hang out, and support a common cause.
  • Receive 10% of sales as a donation back to your organization! The 10% comes from all sales that night—even from the general public. No flyers, coupons, or tickets need to be distributed or collected for the event.

Ready to try an easier, and much more delicious, fundraiser? Contact us today to Request a Community Night for your nonprofit!

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