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Spotlight: Emily S., GM, Willard

August 22, 2019

Emily S. is exactly where she wants to be: “I wouldn’t choose any other career for me.” 

The Willard Wendy’s gave Emily her first job, 7 ½ years ago. She started as a crew member and then advanced to crew trainer, shift manager, assistant general manager, and, now, general manager. For five of the years, Emily held a second job as well.

Emily is one determined worker. She’s had three children during her time at Wendy’s, and amazingly, has never taken more than a week off. She explains, “It’s always been very important to me to show my dedication.” 

Emily’s only regret is that it took her a while to ask for bigger leadership opportunities. She was someone who kept to herself and diligently went about her work. But she came to know that she could do more. She had seen other general managers come and go, and she believed she could learn that job. 

Once Emily spoke up and shared her ambition, things moved quickly. She became the assistant general manager in July 2018, and only three months later, she was promoted to general manager. “I was hesitant because the GM before me was well liked...I didn’t want people to quit. But management has been so supportive and encouraging; no matter what position, they’ll stick with you and guide you through.”

And the second job? Emily’s thankful that part of her life is behind her. She describes that job as one with little job satisfaction and no clear path for growth. “Wenco is so different. They are serious about helping you succeed. You see your results...what’s going well, what needs improvement. Here they really care about their people and their customers.”

As general manager, Emily’s favorite responsibility is training her crew members. “I love being able to train people the right way. And because I started as a crew member, I understand what it feels like to be them—I relate well.” And best of all, Emily knows her worth: “My managers let me know I’m truly a part of the franchise. They appreciate my work... they recognize it. I DO matter.”

Emily’s story shows how Wenco Wendy’s can be a special place to work and build a career. See what path might be ahead for you—learn more about becoming a manager at a Wenco Wendy's or fill out the Quick Apply form to let us know your interests!

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