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The “Cut Above” Experience

There’s a lot of significance behind choosing a restaurant. Your choice can be more than just a meal. Your choice has the power to give back. You have somewhere to be, you have a busy schedule. Wendy’s wants to provide you with a fresh, nutritious option among our quick service restaurant competitors. We don’t just get you quick service; we give you awesome service. The Wendy’s experience is one we want you to remember, that’s why we value your opinion on our fresh, delicious food.

Be a Part of Something Bigger

The saying, “there’s strength in numbers,” could never be more true, especially at WENCO Wendy’s stores. We invest in our team. You’re more than a nameless face when you work with us. You can help us give back!

We know family is important, and because we thrive on Christian Values we want you to have that family time whenever possible. We’re closed on Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving to make sure you never miss those special moments with your loved ones. 

Seek greater opportunity and job advancement at your local WENCO Wendy’s. See our locations here or work with us today!

Your Wendy’s. Your Community.

Because we’re a franchise and not corporately owned, WENCO Wendy’s has the privilege of reaching out to our community. You can find us around town in more places than one. Check out the Wendy’s High School Softball Spring Classic in Ohio each year or see what we’ve been up to with the Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption.

The value of education is one to be treasured. We proudly partner with many universities, and are always looking for ways to support the young minds of this area.

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