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Spotlight: Rachel H., Ashland (Freeway)

December 05, 2019

Crew member Rachel H. says that Wenco’s Ashland Freeway location feels like her second home. The store means more to her than just a job. It’s been the place where she’s been able to overcome shyness, build confidence, and surprise herself with her ability to learn. 

Three years ago Rachel wouldn’t have imagined herself being a leader of a new effort, but that’s exactly what she’s going to do in early 2020. The Freeway store will start serving breakfast in March, and Rachel will be onboard as one of their breakfast managers. She believes this is the perfect next step for her.

All along, since Rachel first started in October of 2016, she has demonstrated a strong work ethic. She can be counted on to come in on her day off, or stay over her assigned shift, whenever her managers find themselves short-handed. Being a dependable team player seems to come naturally to Rachel.

But other things about the job were initially hard for her. Due to her shy nature, meeting new people, and then getting to know each new hire, felt like a struggle. But practice eventually brought comfort: “It’s good now,” Rachel explains. “I’m glad that I’ve overcome my fear.”

Rachel was also initially unsettled with the idea of rotating to different positions (which meant getting up to speed with each position quickly). She tackled this challenge head-on, with her managers by her side. She discovered that she CAN learn things quickly. And then she started teaching others—now when new people start at her store, Rachel helps to train them.

Currently, Rachel works 7 AM to 4 PM or 11 AM to 8 PM. She’s never wanted to work the closing shift. She loves the fact that Wenco allows her to make that choice: “It’s a great place if you need flexibility.” And Rachel is flexible herself, because as breakfast manager, she will start work at 5:30 AM! She looks forward to her manager training, and she’s excited to try the breakfast menu items—she’s heard they’re good! 

It’s clear that Rachel doesn’t plan to stop pushing herself anytime soon: “I’m hoping that becoming a breakfast manager will make me comfortable as a manager and eventually I could be an open manager.” Odds are, Rachel will achieve her goal! 

Rachel’s story illustrates Wenco’s commitment to developing employees and positioning them for success. See what could be next for you—fill out the Quick Apply form to let us know your interests!

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