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5 Myths about Working in Quick Service

5 Myths about Working in Quick Service

December 26, 2019

“Get a real job so you don’t end up working at a fast food joint!” 

That misguided advice has prevented many people from seeking satisfying work––and even rewarding, long-term careers––at local quick service restaurants. But when you start to unpack the misconceptions, you will discover that working in one of these flexible, exciting establishments may be exactly what you need to jumpstart a lifestyle you’ll love. 

Myth 1:

You Can’t Design Your Work Schedule

Happy and reliable workers make for a positive dining experience for everyone. Why not have them work at the times that are best for them? At Wenco, we work with our employees to give them the schedule they need, whether that be set hours or a varied schedule to work around school, family responsibilities, and even another job. And with the new addition of breakfast hours, our team members will find even more scheduling options available. 

Myth 2:

Your Schedule Must Include Nights and Weekends

But fast food is all about feeding those late-night snackers and weekend Little League warriors, right? Isn’t it impossible to avoid at least some of those hours? Not at Wenco. When we say you can design your work schedule, we really mean it! You can choose to work during meal prep hours, or you can opt for the breakfast shift––also a very popular time at our restaurants––if that's the schedule you need.

Myth 3:

The Work Is Too Repetitive 

There’s never a dull moment in quick service! Every day brings new guests, challenges, successes, and fun. In our Wendy’s restaurants, our employees assume a variety of duties, including grill, cashier, dining room attendant, drive-thru, training, and management. Have your sights set on a particular role? We will work hard to give you the opportunity to work in whatever area you choose. 

Myth 4:

The Work is Right for Teenagers Only

We love our younger employees, but they aren’t the only ones who contribute their time and talents. In fact, the larger percentage of our workers is over 20. Many of these people are in the midst of their careers and raising families, bringing a wealth of life experience to their job. Newly retired? We have room for you, too, with flexible scheduling that allows you to live your best life while meeting new people and making some extra cash. 

Myth 5:

The Work Can't Lead to a Career 

Few workplaces offer so many opportunities to develop and build skills, from pleasing customers to working as a team to managing inventory to training and supervising other employees. Quick service restaurant work calls upon your abilities to solve problems and think on your feet in a fast-paced, people-oriented atmosphere. These skills will help you move up the ladder in the franchise and can also be applied to other careers.

There’s more to quick service restaurant work than meets the eye––or your ears. Time to put those well-worn myths aside and discover for yourself what it’s like to work in this growing industry. Apply to Wendy’s today. 

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