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Employee Spotlight: Allison L.

Employee Spotlight: Allison L.

July 15, 2020

Not even a pandemic can stop Allison’s restaurant from breaking records. The Wendy’s general manager runs Wenco’s busiest store. Located in Norwalk, Ohio on State Route 250, the store hit over 5,000 transactions the week of June 21-27––and that was still with the limitation of drive-thru only in place.

Allison’s Wenco journey is a long one. She started working as a team member at the age of 16 and became a manager in 2005. She has been in leadership positions ever since, serving as a shift manager, assistant manager, and finally a GM, two years at the Bellevue location and two at Norwalk. 

Allison has worked hard to balance work and family. “I was the closing night shift manager for 90% of my shift manager career,” she says. “That’s what I had to do for my family.” For seven years or so, Allison worked until two or three in the morning, waking up just a few hours later to take her kids to school. “It wasn’t easy. I had to go a lot of times without much sleep.” 

Because of her own dedication to her family, Allison has worked hard to make thoughtful scheduling a priority in her management role. “They do have a life outside of Wendy’s,” she says, “and I work to make sure they have the family time they need.”

Allison appreciates Wenco’s personal touch the most, pointing out that the owner has met both her and her children and that the leadership takes an interest in “how our whole lives are going, not just the restaurant.” As a leader herself, Allison is still challenged and motivated to achieve her personal goals, as Wenco invests in continued opportunities for growth. Special speakers and seminars push their managers to “raise their lids” and develop new perspectives. 

Most of all, Allison enjoys her team. Now that her kids are grown, she works a variety of shifts, including a couple of days, a couple of mids, and one night shift. “I like that I can see most of my crew throughout the week,” she says. With a leader that dedicated, I’m sure they feel the same way. 

Wenco is looking for more motivators like Allison. Explore opportunities to work with Wenco Wendy’s franchises by visiting wenco-wendys.com/careers.

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