More Than Redheads with Pigtails: Diversity in the Wendy’s Workplace
More Than Redheads with Pigtails: Diversity in the Wendy’s Workplace

More Than Redheads with Pigtails: Diversity in the Wendy’s Workplace

November 01, 2023

While our logo might lead you to think we’re staffed solely by redheaded girls with pigtails, our workplace is a little more diverse than that. 

Peek behind our counter and into our kitchen and you’ll find moms who have kids in school, teenagers who are financing their fun when they’re out of class, and retirees who are glad to be part of a team again. 

In other words, look behind the scenes at your local Wendy’s and you might be pleasantly surprised to find people a lot like yourself!

hey that's me

Let’s look at some of the different kinds of people who help make Wendy’s wonderful. 

Working Moms

Our working moms bring home the bacon—and maybe even the occasional Baconator—by working while their kids are in school.

These hard-working mamas need the kind of flexibility that comes with school schedules that change up when teacher work days and parent-teacher conferences crop up on the calendar. We’re all about accommodating moms!

We know our moms need more than just money, too. Keeping kids in line at home means those adult interactions at work—both with coworkers and customers—are much-needed. We also know moms work just as hard at home as they do on the clock. 

Let’s just say we don’t think it’s a coincidence that the word “mom” is “wow” upside-down. (Your mind is blown, right?)

working moms


Our teenage team members add a lot of life to our workplace family! They remind us of the importance of remaining teachable at any age. The student athletes who help keep things humming here teach us all what teamwork looks like at its best!




The retirees who join our team are more like inspire–ees

They may be done working full time, but even when they work part time to supplement their retirement income, they inspire everyone else on the team to try harder. 

Our retirees tend work the lunch shift, and our lunchtime customers are better off for getting to interact with them. Their customer service skills are killer! 

For those retirees who miss being a part of something bigger, being on our team is a reason to rejoice. It’s a great way to get out, get to know people, and impact lives in a meaningful way. 

Are you inspired to apply to join us yet? 

how do i apply


Join the Wendy’s work family, where everyone has a part to play on the team, whether you’re a mom, a teenager, a retiree, a redhead with pigtails, or you exist in a category of your own. Check out the work opportunities that are available at Wendy’s and apply to join our diverse team today. We look forward to meeting and working with you!


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