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Melissa West

Melissa West

Position: District Manager

Name three words that describe you

Caring, Humble, Fun

What are you happiest doing when you're not working?

Spending time with my friends and my dog; anything sports-related.

What is the most inspiring thing about your job?

I have watched a lot of my “kids” (who this was a first job for) gain confidence in themselves personally and professionally, because we showed an interest and care in them not only as a worker but as a person. Many of them who I still keep in contact with today have moved on to bigger and better things and credit a lot of their success to what they learned during their time at Wendy’s.

Describe your favorite day while working at Wendy's

Demo day at Macedonia. It was fun helping tear everything out of there and to be a part of such a huge change that the store and staff went through. My whole time at Macedonia was the most enjoyable time I have had at Wendy’s, especially during the time Sarah, Mike, and I ran the store. We had so much fun that most days it didn’t feel like work.

What are the best skills you bring to your job?

19 years of knowledge and experience; a strong passion to succeed and make the people around me successful. I’m pretty fast at making sandwiches too, LOL.

Favorite Wendy's menu item

Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Favorite Dave's Soda flavor

Peach Sprite

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