Employee Spotlight: Mary Kay D., General Manager, Brimfield
Employee Spotlight: Mary Kay D., General Manager, Brimfield

Employee Spotlight: Mary Kay D., General Manager, Brimfield

March 20, 2019

Mary Kay D. and Wenco have been together for nearly 25 years!

In 1995 Mary Kay began her career as a co-manager at Wenco’s Kent Road location. Three years later, having married and become a mom, she left management and became a part-time crew member so that she could spend more time at home. When describing how the part-time job worked well for her, Mary Kay says, “I had a general manager who really accommodated my scheduling needs. Sometimes I was available to open, other times I was available to close, and it all worked out.” It worked out well for six solid years.

Then Mary Kay had her third child and ended up making another switch. This was prompted by a trip to the drive-thru at the Brimfield store. The person at the window said, “Hey, we need closers here. What do you think?” It struck Mary Kay that working nights at the Brimfield store would be the right fit, allowing her to be home with her new baby during the days. It turned out to be the perfect fit until her baby became a kindergartner. At that time, Mary Kay wanted to go back to days, and she was able to do that at Brimfield, no problem.

By 2015, the Brimfield store had been Mary Kay’s work home for eleven years. Her youngest child was now in 4th grade, and Mary Kay says she started thinking that she could handle being a manager again. “One day, during a not so successful lunch, I turned to my manager and said, ‘How many hours do you have to work to be a manager?’ She said, ‘Let’s go to the dining room and talk.‘“

It was meant to be. It turned out that new management was being brought into the store, and it was the perfect time for Mary Kay to jump on board as a part-time shift manager. Things happened fast for her after that; she became the general manager in October of 2017!

When asked how her years as a crew member have shaped her management style, Mary Kay says, “I try to meet employees where they are. If a parent has sick kids, I get it. If a college student is struggling to find balance, I encourage them to stay in school and not work a schedule that compromises their study time.”

As a general manager, Mary Kay has two favorite things: delighting the customers and watching her crew become successful. She loves helping crew members to catch the vision—to see the difference they can make when delighting customers.

Mary Kay notes that she has several long-time employees and, amazingly, six sets of siblings who work at her store. “It’s great when a crew member tells a younger sibling that working here is a good job. To get that vote of confidence from someone who’s in the trenches—that’s something special.”

Mary Kay’s story shows how Wenco Wendy’s can be a special place for moms and others who need flexibility (and understanding!) in their work lives. See what might be in store for you, or fill out the Quick Apply form to let us know your interests!

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